NAET Allergy Elimination

NAET is a painless, natural method for eliminating allergic reactions from all types of substances, including food, chemical and environmental allergens. NAET has been used successfully to clear individuals of dairy, wheat, soy and seafood intolerance and many other types of food allergies, to the point where they may eat these foods without any problems or negative symptoms.
NAET can also treat pollen, dust, mold, tree, grass, tree, weed, and animal allergies, allowing persons to be free from having to take antihistamines, inhalers, nasal sprays, etc.

The number of treatments you will need varies greatly from person to person.  The initial evaluation includes testing for 15 core items (mostly foods, vitamins and minerals).  This testing will give us valuable information about what your allergies are, and how many treatments you’ll need to begin with.

The video to the right was produced by another NAET practitioner.  These are not my patients, but the video demonstrates the effectiveness of the NAET technique.

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